Best Gas Grills under 1000 Dollars

Best Gas Grills under 1000 Dollars | The Must-See Guide for 2018

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I am a self-proclaimed grill master! Few quick things to know about me: I love to grill as much as I love to eat. My favorite thing to grill and eat is steaks! Currently, I own a Weber Genesis II LX S-340 for my main grilling action and a Coleman LXX, so I can bring the barbecue party whenever, wherever. More than just a dream grill, I'd love to set up my own wicked sick outdoor grilling station! But that's gonna wait for now. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, I'd love to hear them all. Let's fire up the discussion!
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When you start looking for a new grill with a thousand dollar budget, this marks your graduation from entry-level grills to premium quality grills! In which you can find among the best gas grills under 1000 dollars.

But before we dive into details, let me just break it to you. While a thousand bucks may seem like a high price to pay, it still won’t guarantee you a cooking machine with all the nifty features and extra frills you’ll want from a grill.

Then you might wonder, “why am I getting the same 3-burner grill for a higher price with no extras when I can buy it half the price?” Well, mate, the key here actually is longevity! (and little bragging rights, lol…)

But on a serious note, what we’re actually buying here is an investment. We obviously still want versatility with our grill. But at this price point, we’re focusing more on their quality aspect. We expect these grills to have a strong quality construction that can definitely last for YEARS! Up to 10 years even if you have a good sense of proper care.

We’re no longer looking for cheap thrills and thoughtless purchases that could only live for few seasons. We’re here to grill for the long haul while getting the best damn barbecue experience for you, your friends and family to enjoy at the same time.

Aside from solid construction, you should also expect a grill with plenty of cooking space and high heat power and efficiency. While few extras are still very much welcome.

So, to make it a lot easier for you, I’ve done the dirty work and found the top performers that stood out in this price category. Here’s a quick look on the best gas grills under 1000 dollars.

Best Gas Grills Under 1000 Dollars Comparison Chart

  • Napoleon Rogue 425 Gas Grill
  • Rating
  • 25 x 51 x 48 in
  • 625 sq. in. of total cooking area
    425 sq. in. of main grilling area
    Total Cooking Area
  • 45,000 BTU main burner
    12,000 BTU side burner
    BTU Rating

  • Ave. Grill Party Size
  • Price Range
  • Weber Genesis II E-410 Gas Grill
  • Rating
  • 33 x 39 x 26 in
  • 646 sq. in. of main grilling area
    198 sq. in. of tuck-away warming rack
    Total Cooking Area
  • 48,000 BTU main burner
    BTU Rating

  • Ave. Grill Party Size
  • Price Range
  • Broil King Regal S-440 Pro
  • Rating
  • 56.3 x 24.8 x 49.2 in
  • 695 sq. in. total cooking area
    500 sq. in. main grilling area
    Total Cooking Area
  • 50,000 BTUs primary burners
    10,000 BTUs side burner
    BTU Rating

  • Ave. Grill Party Size
  • Price Range

The Top Gas Grill Picks and Reviews

Weber Genesis II E-410 Liquid Propane Grill

Truth be told, for the past years, whenever someone asks me what grill is worth buying for a thousand bucks, the Weber Genesis S-330 always comes top of my mind. However, Weber finally made a revamp of their Genesis line in 2017, which is good in a sense. But this also made the upgraded version of S-330,  called the Weber Genesis II LX S-340 Grill, now hundreds of dollars over our budget. Still, if you can spare more cash, the Weber Genesis II LX S-340 makes for a valuable investment. It has a good balance for features, cooking space, quality and heat power for a fair price.

Nevertheless, having a thousand dollar budget can already get you far. Starting with the Weber Genesis II E-410, you’ll have an option for a liquid propane or natural gas fueled grill for about the same price. Although natural gas-powered machines are, most of the time, more expensive than its LP counterpart, this is not the case for this unit. Price will no longer be a holding factor for you to finally join the bandwagon for a greener barbecue lifestyle!

The Weber Genesis II E-410 is a powerhouse to beat in this category. For one, it has the Genesis bloodline, so you have the assurance of a better quality construction and a higher grade of steel than average grills and even Weber’s very own Spirit. It weighs heavy at 189 pounds. But you won’t have a problem moving it due to its 4 gliding casters with 2 lockable wheels to stay it in place. While it’s not completely made of stainless steel, you can feel it has solid, thick metal parts that won’t come apart easily even if you try shaking it. And despite its open-cart design, it won’t topple over easily as well.

But to be frank, an open-cart design at this price point is not something I’m very fond of. And yet, Weber seems to be heading toward this trend for 2018, which is evident in their newly facelifted Spirit line as well. Nonetheless, whether you like this style or not is pretty much subjective and will depend on your taste. Still, there are certainly a few perks that you can benefit from this design.

For one thing, you get more room for your grilling tools since the propane tank now goes to the side. At the same time, you now have quicker access to your tools and grease tray. Paired with its enhanced grease management system, cleaning this thing will totally be hassle-free!

You see, most of us, including myself, love to cook but hate to clean. But one thing I hate more is a messy griller as it can also deteriorate the life expectancy of the grill faster. This is where the grease management system becomes a huge help! All the grease and extra drippings are funneled down to a disposable tray. So there won’t be any messy spills all over the place and even help reduce flare-ups.

Another good thing is its cooking grates. They are made of porcelain-enameled steel, stainless steel, and porcelain-enameled cast-iron. This combination of materials does not only help resist rust and provide superb heating abilities, they also make the grates easier to clean. You can simply wash it with dishwashing soap and warm water, then it’s squeaky clean. Lesser efforts, No sweat!

The Weber Genesis II E-410 is really more than just a grill, it’s an experience that brings you, your loved ones and even neighbors together through and through. With its massive 646 square inches of cooking surface and 198 square inches of warming rack overhead, serving up to 10 persons is such a breeze. You can then tuck-away the warming rack when not in use.

Its 4 stainless steel burners have individual knobs and electronic igniter that can fire up to 48,000 BTUs. The heat output is more than enough to cover the grill but may require 12-15 minutes preheat time to get it going. While the individual knobs make it easy to control desired heat settings and variate the temperatures needed to grill different kinds of meat at the same time. Hence, you can cook your food just the way you want and satisfy all of your guests’ cravings right on the spot.

Weber has become a household name in grilling for a reason and why I dubbed it as one the best gas grills under 1000 dollars. They have unique touches to their grills that others try to imitate but never get close to how good Weber does it. As you already know, their very own Flavorizer bar is still top-notch in giving that extra savory and oomph taste to your meat!

Next, you have reversible cooking grates. The thin side of the grate is perfect for delicate food like veggies and seafood. On the other side, you have wider grates that can create thick and professionally looking sear marks. Not only will they look more enticing, it will further enhance the flavor of your food.

Lastly, you can install the iGrill3 accessory to the Genesis II grills. With our smartphones part of our daily lives, Weber has taken advantage of technology to make grilling even more convenient. You can now monitor your grill’s real-time temperature and fuel tank level right at your phone. You just have to buy the accessory and download the app.

But even without the iGrill3, you can still monitor the level of your fuel with its own fuel gauge! Gone are the days when I had to leave my steak half-cooked because I ran out of gas. This machine’s fuel gauge keeps me in check of the fuel status all the time. When the gas gauge hits 25% level,  I always make sure to have a refill readily available.

At first, its price may be a little steep at below $900. But then again, you can clearly tell you can’t go wrong with this Weber. With its excellent materials and workmanship, it promises to stay for long years, not just a few grilling seasons. You don’t have to be a math expert to know that its high price is well worth it since it’s offset by its durability. The costs become lesser as it is spread over its useful life. With the Genesis II E-410 at your side, you deservingly owns the title of a grill master for a long time, ready to satisfy yours and a lot of your guests’ gastronomic hunger!

On a quick side note though, if you can compromise a little of grilling space for a side burner, you’ll surely love Weber Genesis II LX S-240. It’s still within our budget but looks more stunning. It fires up 29,000 BTUs across 380 square inches of cooking area with 114 square inches of tuck-away warming rack. And in exchange of extra cooking space, you get a 12,000 BTU side burner instead.

Here’s a Quick Recap of Weber Genesis II E-410 Gas Grill’s Sizzling Features

  • GS4 Grilling System includes:
    • Infinity ignition ensures reliable start-up, backed with generous warranty
    • Four high performing stainless steel burners produce up to 48,000 BTUs
    • Porcelain-enameled Flavorizer bars
    • New Grease Management System reduces flare-up and makes grease removal hassle-free
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates provide 646 sq. in. of cooking space with 198 sq. in. Tuck-Away warming rack overhead
  • Stainless steel side prep workspaces feature integrated hanging storage hooks for your barbecue tools

What I like

  • Massive grilling space
  • Flavorizer Bars are awesome
  • iGrill3 Ready
  • 4 Burners allow better control over temperature
  • Reversible Cooking Grates

What I don't like

  • No side burners
  • Open-cart design doesn’t look flattering

Napoleon Rogue 425

With Weber having a stronghold in the grill industry, nothing can face head-on with it but none other than a great conqueror in the grilling scene as well — the Napoleon! The Napoleon brand is undeniably another grill giant that offers quite a prestige to its owner. For starters, you’ll hardly find full-size Napoleon gas grills under 500 dollars. So owning one sure feels like a privilege.

Now, what can you nab among the Napoleon lineup for just under $1000? The best answer to that points to the Napoleon Rogue 425! Although its natural gas variant will set you back for an additional average of 60 bucks, its propane model is quite the same price with the Genesis II E-410. So with the same price point, which one will give you the best value for your money? Well, that’s a tricky question. They have pros and cons over each other. In the end, the best answer to that all depends on you and your preferences. But before you arrive at your conclusion, allow me to tell you what makes this Napoleon rules!

Right off the bat, the Napoleon Rogue looks premium with its chiseled, slim body with stainless steel suit. At just a glance, you can already tell this grill ain’t cheap. With a full-sized grill, Napoleon didn’t compromise craftsmanship for the price. From lid, grates to burners, every essential part are high quality and a work of stainless steel art. Having this on your backyard makes it a quick conversation starter. You’ll never get tired showing this off to your friends and family.

The Rogue houses 3 stainless steel burners that can pump out 45,000 total BTU’s. Its heat output is slightly lower than the Genesis II E-410. But since this machine also has smaller grilling surface, as a result, the Rogue fires up way faster and more efficiently for its size! You’ll surely take pleasure on how hot it can get and how quickly it heats up. It can literally get hot for just under 2 minutes to a maximum of 700 degrees with all burners cranked all the way up. While maintaining it at 500-600 degrees is also easy on low settings. You can refer to its ACCU-PROBE™ temperature gauge to help you monitor your grill’s temperature.

While it’s relatively smaller than the Genesis, it still has a generous grilling surface of 425 square inches and an overhead warming rack for your buns. This is still roomy enough for you to grill 12 4-inch burger patties at the same time.

You can pretty much cook all kinds of food with this Napoleon. But you know what, they won’t just taste great, they’ll also look awesome! The Rogue also has its own unique tweaks that make this grill shine further, not just literally. It has unique, stainless steel WAVE rod cooking grids lets you achieve beautiful and more professional looking grill marks to your burgers or steaks. So they will look more appealing to the eyes. As they say, “you eat with your eyes first”.

The Rogue has perfect sparks with the Jetfire Ignition system. The Jetfire ignition sparks faster and lives longer than other conventional grills. While most traditional grills have separate ignition button to start the grill, this one smoothly sparks your grill as you turn the knob. The jet of gas flows directly with the push of the control knobs, which in turn, increases the useful life of the grill by preventing stress on the materials. Hence, your igniter won’t break as easily.  However, this only applies to the knobs for the main burners as the sear side burner still uses an igniter button to start. Nevertheless, this is a great start of improvement that we very much welcome.

Now what makes the Rogue even more attractive attributes to the presence of its infrared side burner! The stainless steel side shelves are pretty slick on its own. It ups the game of its functionality by providing you an additional benefit of an infrared sizzle zone side burner. With Rogue, your side burner is not only there for you to cook your sides or sauces. Its infrared burner now allows you to also cook a single steak or burger on it. It’s even efficient and does an amazing job of grilling. Moreover, it has a lid to provide protection to its inner mechanics against the elements.

An additional convenience for you, the side shelves have integrated tool hooks and condiment rack, which is movable to either side. This makes your tools and grill essentials within an arm’s reach. Lastly, its side shelves are foldable and removable! So it can perfectly fit your life and lifestyle. The Napoleon Rogue comes in a compact package that packs quite the punch!

While it doesn’t have a modern take on grilling like the iGrill 3, you’ll appreciate it instead for its versatility. You can buy a rotisserie kit for this machine and have your way to an awesome Thanksgiving. Or, you can also buy a charcoal tray to convert this to a hybrid of a charcoal grill, and achieve that authentic smoky taste. But even without the charcoal tray, the Rogue has dual level sear plates that work similar to Weber’s Flavorizer bars. Any meat juice or grease that fall on the sear plates will instantly vaporize back to your food to add flavor. This also helps prevent flare-ups.

With the looks and versatility of Napoleon Rogue, you won’t ever feel you’re short-changed. The Napoleon Rogue 425 is also an excellent, durable grill that offers more functionality that we seek from expensive grills for a great value of money. Hence, it may as well fit the title for the best gas grills under 1000 dollars. Napoleon Rogue has versatility and state of the art workmanship at an affordable cost that can give you the pride to try NAPOLEON over other leading brands. So if you’re tired with the usual and want to stand out, go Rogue!

Here’s a Quick Recap of Napoleon Rogue 425 Gas Grill’s Sizzling Features

  • 45, 000 total BTU’S from 3 12,000 BTU tube burners and 9,000 BTU infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ side burner
  • 425 sq. in. main grilling area of 625 sq. in. total cooking area
  • DUAL-LEVEL stainless steel sear plates add flavor and prevent flare-ups
  • Stainless steel 7.5mm WAVE™ cooking grids and chrome plated warming rack
  • Stainless steel lid and doors with integrated inside storage compartment
  • Detachable storage shelf on exterior side panels for convenient accessibility
  • Includes an ACCU-PROBE™ temperature gauge for monitoring grill’s temperature
  • Space saving, folding stainless steel side shelves with integrated tool hooks
  • Pedestal base with easy locking casters
  • Backed by the President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • *Propane model features tank stability ring

What I like

  • Stainless Steel body provides durability
  • High heat efficiency for its size
  • Powerful infrared side burner
  • Space-saver and compact package

What I don't like

  • Has the least grilling space of the 3
  • Steel parts are susceptible to scratches

Broil King Regal S-440 Pro

Entering the competition is from the grill royalty, the Broil King! Broil King has been in the business of grill manufacturing for over two decades. Probably the youngest to join the grill market among the three, but has already proven its worth. In addition, their gas grills are manufactured in North America, so they are also proudly American made!

Based on our $1000 budget, it was hard for me to decide between Broil King Baron S590 and Regal S-440 Pro. While Broil King’s Baron series have more features to boot at a lower price, its Regal series have a higher quality construction that can no doubt rival the two. Its solid construction can make up for the absence of a rotisserie burner which you can find in the Baron. Hence, I find the Broil King Regal S-440 Pro to be a much worthier contender that can last for many years. The question now is, can Broil King Regal reign over the game of throne for the best gas grills under 1000 dollars? Let’s find out!

While I personally find the Napoleon to be sleeker looking, the Broil King Regal is still pretty dashing with its stainless steel exterior. Its cookbox, housing, burners, grids to its cooking system uses durable, high-grade stainless steel. These components ensure longevity, excellent heat retention, resistance to rust and easy to clean. Broil King workmanship not only promises superb quality but also functional design.

For one thing, its side shelves are also foldable like the Napoleon to save space. But Regal’s side tables have cast aluminum condiment bins attached on the front. Honestly, this is way more convenient to spice up your meat than getting the condiments on the side. It also has a 4 caster for mobility, but the Regal has durable resin leg levelers on the front base. This ensures your grill to never have uneven footing and will always stand firmly on the ground.

Replacing your propane tank becomes much easier and more accessible due to its pull-out tank drawer design. Furthermore, its control knobs illuminate not just for artistic value but help you to locate the knobs, especially on a barbecue night out!

The Regal S-440 Pro comes with 4 stainless steel Dual-Tube™ burners that heat up quickly and evenly. They can pump out 50,000 BTUs of heat output, which is more than enough to efficiently cover its 500 square inches of grilling space. The size is pretty large, coming in between the Napoleon and Weber. You can fit about 14 burgers at the same time, keeping the queue for food short and guests happily satisfied.

While its cooking process looks ordinary in the surface, the Regal actually shines in this department. Broil King has unique features as the proud patent-holder of Dual-Tube™ stainless steel burners and Linear-Flow™ control valves technology. This further proves Broil King’s worth to be the best gas grills under 1000 dollars. What makes these features stand out is the ability of Dual-Tube burners to equalize the heat from front to back. Unlike standard tubular burners, they tend to have higher gas pressure in the front of the burner so they often result to uneven heating.

On the other hand, the Linear-Flow valves have 180-degree sensi-touch knobs that provide a spectrum flow of heat levels. Thereby, allowing you to have more precise control on the temperature of the grill from extremely high to very low setting. The control knobs have segmented markings around the backing plate, with the largest segment representing the highest setting. Add to that is Regal’s Sure-Lite push-button ignition system, works for fast and reliable startups.

With the control valves, you can conveniently set your grill to the perfect temperature to how ever you want to cook your food, from searing to slow-cooking. The temperature gauge at the center will help you determine if you’re on the right track. With proper temperature setting, you’ll be confident that the meat will not dry out and retain its juiciness. You can trust the Broil King to deliver great cooking and grilling results at any time!

The Regal S-440 Pro also has a side burner on the left side table under the flush-mounted cover, which is capable of 10,000 BTU output. It’s a little on the low side, to be frank. So cooking on big pots can take quite some time, but not on average skillets or saucepans. Nevertheless, it’s a cool addition to the grill and very helpful for preparing side dishes, soup or sauces fast. You can do multi-cooking tasks that will save you time and energy, which is worth more than just monetary savings for you.

Not wanting to let its competitors get ahead of the game, Broil King makes its own take for adding flavor to your food. Hence, the Regal presents a  stainless steel Flav-R-Wave cooking system, which ensures superior heat distribution and protection for your burners. It also works closely like the Weber’s Flavorizer Bar and Napoleon’s dual level sear plates, since it is responsible for catching and vaporizing drippings. Then it creates smoke for a distinctive barbecue flavor to your food!

Treat yourself to a royal grilling experience and indulge a Broil King Regal. It’s a superior grill that should last you for many years at a great value. But if you’re willing to go a little over the budget, the Regal S490 Pro is also a solid investment. It’s the top of the line model in the Regal series and offers an additional 15,000 BTU rear rotisserie burner. It even includes a premium rotisserie kit. All that for not more than 50 bucks over the budget.

Here’s a Quick Recap of Broil King Regal S-440 Pro’s Sizzling Features

  • 4 stainless steel Dual-Tube™ burners deliver up to 50,000 BTU output; 10,000 BTU Side Burner;
  • 500 sq in primary cooking surface featuring solid stainless steel 9mm rod cooking grids
  • Stainless steel Flav-R-Wave™ cooking system delivers even heat distribution; Linear-Flow™ burner valves allow for precise temperature control; Sure-Lite™ electronic ignition easily ignites the grill
  • Stainless steel side shelves and enclosed cabinet base provide workspace and storage for grilling essentials. Illuminated control knobs create a stylish look and are functional after sunset.
  • Proudly Made in North America – Limited Lifetime Warranty

What I like

  • Stainless steel body provides durability
  • Dual Tube burners ensures even heating
  • Linear Flow valve allows infinite heat
  • Space-saving with generous cooking space

What I don't like

  • Side burner is a bit under-powered but still appreciated


The Round-Up

Three big names in the grill industry round up our list of best gas grills under 1000 dollars. Weber Genesis II E-410 offers you with the largest cooking space to accommodate all of your loved ones for the ultimate bonding experience. While Napoleon Rogue provides versatility and powerful infrared side burner like no other. Lastly but not the least, Broil King Regal S-440 Pro is everything in between to meet all your needs.

But before you finally decide which is the best gas grill, I just recommend you to buy any of these grills on Amazon. Not only do they have better price deals, they usually offer these grills with FREE expert assembly as well! With it, we can avoid all the assembling mumbo jumbos and be getting all jittery from waiting too long to just jump right into grilling. So, don’t let yourself suffer any further and just bite into this tempting offer!

Whichever you pick among the best gas grills under 1000 dollars are sure to meet your expectations and make every dollar you spent worth it. As a result, every barbecue cookout you host becomes a pleasurable experience!

If you got more suggestions and other thoughts, feel free to fire those comments below. Because I’d love to hear them all!